HOF – William R. Thompson*


1999 – Meritorious Service
William R. Thompson

Bowling has had more enthusiastic, hard-working and successful combination of bowler-administrator than Bill Thompson. His bowling career lasted more than 40 years, including ten years as a league president and 25 years as a league secretary.

He served on the Youngstown Men’s BA Board for 38 years, including a year as President, two as vice president, four as secretary/treasurer and nine as treasurer. With Bob Girts, he increased YMBA tournament participation from 79 entries to 404, a feat saluted by the ABC Magazine. Thompson initiated the Association Annual Awards Dinner and raised the number of attendees from 103 to 490, again receiving Letter of Commendation from ABC. He initiated the YMBA Hall of Fame and was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association, serving as Zone Director for seven counties. He is a member of Youngstown BA Hall of Fame.

In 1965 Thompson raised $5437 for the 3-year-old daughter of ‘one of our bowlers’. He setup a trust fund at Dollar Bank to provide her with artificial arms, as she grew, to replace an arm in an accident. In her teens, he approved the purchase of an organ, which she learned to play very well. At 21, she received the balance of the trust.

Bill always gave credit to others who served as his appointees — Bob Girts, Vic Mauer, Jack Hughes, others. He is a man who says “we” not “I”. Tonight it is fitting that Bill Thompson be inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

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