HOF – Dr. Anthony C. Leone*


2001 – Pioneer
Dr. Anthony C. Leone

Dr. Anthony C. Leone, a native New Yorker, long has been adopted as one of Ohio’s own for decades of promoting and innovating programs, his unfailing enthusiasm and his steadfast devotion to bowling and bowlers.

Even in wartime (World War II), he turned to bowling for rehabilitation of patients resulting in the building of a 12 lane plant in Brigham, Utah, to accommodate his patients. He also organized a 12-team league in Oakland, California. In 1955 he sponsored so many Cleveland teams in the ABC it took three railroad cars to transport them. In 1966 he personally wrote 1,200 letters to bowlers and proprietors in support of the State Tournament. He gave every bowler who rolled a 200 game a silver dollar as a memento.

He belongs to the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association and the Ohio State Association and has been president of both. He is a member of the GCBA Hall of Fame. In 1952, he and Herman Rider, past president of the ABC, acted as liaison between BPA and non-BPA centers, solving many problems and developing accord and harmony between organizations.

He not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, at one time bowling in four leagues a week.

Dr. Leone still gives bowlers and bowling the same enthusiasm and dedication of his younger years. Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame enthusiastically names Dr. Leone to its membership.

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