HOF – Carmen Walton*


1996 – Pioneer
Carmen Walton

For her many years of involvement and giving, not only to her local association but the Ohio WBA and WIBC, we honor Carmen Walton tonight. AWIBC member for 50+ years, Carmen served on the Toledo WBA Board for 34 years before retiring in 1987. Of those years, she was a director for 3 years, Sergeant-at-Arms 3 years, Treasurer for 7 years and from 1966 to 1987 a total of 21 years led the Toledo WBA as President. During that time Carmen was a delegate to the WIBC Convention for 34 years and the Ohio WBA Convention for 22 years. ln 1965 Carmen was inducted into the Toledo WBA Hall of Honor, installed as a TWBA Life Member in 1988 and given the honor of life membership to WIBC. She was inducted into the Toledo WBA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 1989.

She served as Chairman of the BVL for 19 years, was on the board of the Toledo YABA for 19 years as well as serving on numerous Ohio WBA and WIBC committees.

When, in 1985, the Toledo WBA hosted the WIBC Convention and Tournament, Carmen was the spark plug that ignited one of the most successful events that WIBC has ever held. Bowlers from all over the country still talk about the great time they had in Ohio. At the 1985 Convention, Carmen was presented the NWBW Bev Ortner -AMF Award for Outstanding Work in the WIBC Tournament City,

Carmen bowled in 36 WIBC, 30 Ohio WBA and 36 Toledo WBA Championship Tournaments. Upon her retirement in 1987, Carmen received many accolades of appreciation, including a special recognition by the General Assembly of Ohio.

Several years after her retirement, Carmen placed first in the TNBA Senior Tournament and her first comment was “lt feels good to be receiving one of these awards. I’ve presented so many but never thought l‘d be getting one myself.”

ln Carmen’s honor, the Toledo WBA initiated the Carmen Walton Scholarship and yearly honors one of Toledo’s outstanding students with financial assistance toward higher education. A very fitting honor for one who has volunteered so much to our great game of bowling.

Carmen Walton’s dedication and devotion to our great game most certainly afford her the recognition of a PIONEER in Ohio’s bowling history.

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