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1993 – Pioneer
George Vallos

The Youngstown area is grateful that George Vallos decided to make his home there. Born in Greece in 1900, he came to the United States in 1908. After spending time in Pocatello, Idaho, New York City and Cleveland, Ohio, he moved to Youngstown in 1916. His bowling career was started in Cleveland as a pin boy at the age of 15. He exchanged his work at the lanes for practice sessions of bowling. After a stint at General Fireproofing, Carnegie Steel and the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, he started to work at Champion Recreation and later purchased 40% interest in the lanes. He conducted the Vallos Singles Classic for 25 years, attracting the nations top bowlers. It was considered one of the finest singles events in the United States. Along with Frank Zitnik Sr. and Jack Fitzgibbons, he helped to establish the Mahoning Valley Bowling Proprietors Association.

George didn’t spend all of his time pushing papers, as his high average of 217, eleven 300 games, three 299 games, two 298 games, and a high series of 813 and 807 will attest. He bowled 41 consecutive ABC tournaments, averaging 199.9 for 345 games. His best finishes were an All Events high of 1898 and a sixth place finish in singles. He also competed in nine National All-Star Championship Elimination Tournaments, finishing tenth in 1945. Teaming with Jack Almer in doubles was a smart move for George. The duo was considered one of the toughest doubles match game competitors in the country. They were defeated only once in all their years s a doubles team.

George Vallos died November 4, 1962, while rolling in the BPA Elimination Tournament; he died doing one of the things he loved best — bowling.

George was elected into the Youngstown Men’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1971, its first year, and has been a charter member of the Curbstone Coaches Hall of Fame since 1959.

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