HOF – Robert Moreo*


1991 – Pioneer
Robert Moreo

Robert Moreo has made a lifetime career out of bowling. In the 1950’s Bob’s bowling surfaced, followed by years of promotion and teaching of the bowling game and later Proprietor of Moreo Lanes in Lima, Ohio.

Bob won the Lima Association Singles in 1954, the Northwest Central Ohio BPA All-Star Eliminations in 1956-57. In 1956-57, his best season average was 217 and his high game and series 289 and 785. From 1952 to 1957, he had over fifty 700 series and 3 non-sanctioned 300 games.

Bob Moreo was elected as a member of the Lima bowling Hall of Fame.

He volunteers bowling instruction to all, but is devoted to the youth program, and one of his boys teams set new state records last season. They credit his teaching as instrumental to their success.

In the early 1960’s, Bob was a member of Ebonite company and traveled throughout Ohio, the East, and the Midwest, promoting bowling and establishing ball drilling equipment. One of the first bowling balls to be drilled in accordance with the weight block was the Ebonite Gyro, which was invented by Bob Moreo.

Bob also wrote the instruction manuals for bowling ball drilling that were used in various K-Marts in the state of Ohio.

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