HOF – John Canelli*


1988 – Pioneer
John Canelli

John Canelli is a posthumous inductee in the Ohio Hall of Fame.

A Toledo native, Canelli, through his friendship with Jack Haggerty, who owned and operated the Interurban Lanes in downtown Toledo, became active in the local association.

An attorney, Canelli served as ABC representative for Greater Toledo for 30 years. In 1951, he was president of the ABC.

He also served as president of the Central State Bowling Association, the Ohio State Bowling Association and the Toledo Bowling Association. He was instrumental in bringing ABC to Toledo in 1960.

During World War II, Canelli was asked by Mike DiSalle, then OPA National Director, to gather information from Toledo proprietors to create a guide for the legal price formula for bowling during the price freeze in effect for the time.

In the early 1940’s, an excise tax was proposed on al forms of entertainment and bowling was scheduled for a 20% tax. Canelli formed a committee of representatives from BPAA, ABC, WIBC, Brunswick and all parts of the bowling family to help fight this tax. This committee formed the organization known today as the national Bowling Council. The headquarters were in Toledo in Canelli and Fink law firm until jis death in 1965.

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