HOF – Florence Seeds*


1988 – Pioneer
Florence Seeds

Flo Seeds was the first Columbus woman to bowl a 300 game. The Columbus native, who has been a member of the city association for 61 years, rolled her perfect game on October 20, 1950 at the Riverview Recreation.

Four years before that, Flo had rolled a 705 on Jan 21. Tat series included a 276 game. She’s a life member of the 700 Club. Her high league average was a 189 in 1952.

She has bowled in 51 WIBC Tournaments. In 1927, her team won the booster division in the national tournament.

On the state level, Flo has made 59 State tournaments. In 1979 she received an award as the first woman to compete in 50 State events.

In Columbus, Flo has won two team, three doubles and one all-events titles.

Flo has devoted much of her bowling life helping youth bowlers. She has worked with them since 1951. She helped organize the Columbus Junior Bowling Association in the early 60’s and served as first secretary/treasurer of the group.

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