HOF – Roy Snyder*


1988 – Pioneer
Roy Snyder

Roy Snyder was named to the Ohio Hall of Fame last March in the Pioneer category. He died on May 20th of this year.

Snyder was building his first bowling center, See-Nor Lanes, in Cincinnati in December 1941. Construction was halted to see if the Department of the Navy or Army wanted the steel girders designed for See-Mor Lanes. Neither department wanted the steel, so the lanes were built as the United States entered the war.

Throughout the war, Snyder was president of the Cincinnati Bowling Proprietors Association. He served until 1948. He was elected president of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America in 1952 – 53. He was credited with helping form 11 different state proprietor associations.

In 1978, Snyder was presented the Victor Lerner Memorial Medal. Snyder operated three centers in Cincinnati and one in Indianapolis.

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