HOF – Brian Kretzer


Brian Kretzer

Brian Kretzer took a circuitous route to stardom.  The career-ending injury he sustained as a youth on the West Carrollton High School soccer field quickly put an end to his dreams of one day becoming a professional soccer
player and ultimately led to his prominence on the lanes.  As the protégé of Dayton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Bud Tufts, Jr., Brian became known the world over as the most prolific amateur player in the world, capturing numerous megabuck tournaments along the way.  They include the famous 1997 and 1999 International Eliminator titles and the Silver Dollar Classic in Las Ve-gas.  Brian won three times the River Valley Challenge in. Aberdeen, Ohio, the Les Lions Cup in Sweden and the United Arab Emirates Championship in South-west Asia.  He collected 14 megabucks titles on three continents.  He is a five time member of the World Team Challenge Championship and earned a spot on TEAM USA.

In 1999 the Bowlers Journal magazine crowned Brian Kretzer its Amateur Bowler of the Year.  In 2001 Brian joined the Professional Bowlers Association and immediately he was recruited and sponsored by Roto Grip and Turbo 2-N-1 Grips.  Since that time Brian has accumulated an impressive 14 regional titles and in 2010, captured his first national tour event when he won the Go-RVing title in Norwich, Connecticut.

Perhaps most important of his many achievements, Brian proudly describes him-self as being …“a great father” to his children Megan, Mason and Madison.

Tonight we add the name of Brian Kretzer to the rolls of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Super Performance – Professional Category.

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