HOF – Michael Gabor


2014 – Meritorious Service
Michael Gabor

Michael Gabor has been a member of the Mansfield BA and USBC Association and the Ohio State USBC BA for 38 years. During that time he has served as a board member, president and association secretary/treasurer-Association Manager of the Mansfield USBC BA. In 1995  he  relinquished the presidency to replace Garrett Swartz as the AM and currently still holds that position. During his time on the board, Mike invented and implemented a ranking system for all men and women bowlers in the Mansfield Association.  The system was used to crown both a men’s and women’s champion who were determined from a year end qualifier. The rankings were sponsored and ran weekly along with a bowling column written by Mike for the local newspaper. He also convinced the local TV station to televise the step ladder finals of the men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments, for which he did some of the color commentary. In 1999 Mike was elected to the Ohio State BA as Zone Director # 4 and was responsible for contacting the local associations in his zone. From 1999-2005 he served on various OSBA committees such as: Legislative, Tournament Site Inspection, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Association Operations. 2005 saw him hired as Assistant Association Manager of the Ohio State BA. In 2006 he became Tournament Manager for the Ohio State USBC BA Seniors Championship Tournament. At the same time he also took on the responsibility of Tournament Official on-site for the Ohio State USBC BA Championship Tournament and in that capacity is the manager of the doubles and singles house each year.

Mike has attended many local, state and national tournaments as well as work-shops and conventions. He is a certified lane inspector and worked  to imple-ment tournament guidelines and house inspection procedures for the Senior Handicap Tournament, Annual Championship and the Jamboree. Not only is he the “guy who works quietly behind the scenes” but he has ac-complishments on the lanes to his credit as well. He set both city and house records for team and individual scores. He held the high individual series re-cord in Mansfield for 20 years. He was also a member of a four-man team who held one of the top three scores in the nation and was recognized by ABC. He also has a 2nd place scratch finish in the Ohio State BA Championship Tourna-ment to his credit. With 12 – 800 series and 25 – 300 games on his score card, he also presents respectable credentials on the lanes. Is it any wonder Michel Gabor was elected into the Mansfield Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2008? And, why tonight, he is being singled out for all of his Meritorious Service to the sport of bowling. Welcome Mike, a well deserved honor!

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