HOF – Howard Teifke


2014 – Pioneer
Howard Teifke

Toledo bowling and Howard Teifke are four words that are almost synonymous.  Howard’s career began in 1953 when he started His career managing at Toledo Sports Center. That year marked the first year of his 61 years as a BPA member.

While working at Toledo Sports Center an AMF salesman told him about a center in Maumee that was badly in need of a manager. Timbers was owned by a number of investors who were looking for steady management. Howard bought into the ownership and under his leadership, completely updated the center, including new lane beds, pinsetters and a new roof.  This was back in the days of paper and pencil scoring. Timbers was the last hold-out in Toledo for in-stalling automatic scoring because, in Howard’s words, “We thought the kids should know how to do the addition necessary to keep score by hand.”  Over time Howard became the sole owner of Timbers. It is now run by Howard and his son Marty. Howard was also an early investor in both University Lanes and Interstate Lanes.

Howard not only ran a bowling center, but also took an active role in the administration of the sport. He served as the Toledo BPA President one- three year term and then took over the Treasurer’s job following Harry Fink and Jim Walters, a job he held until the Toledo group disbanded in 2012. He also served for a time as a BPAO director. During his time on the BPAO Legislative Committee, he and Harry Fink made several trips to the state Capital and talked to elected officials on issues that affected bowling centers.

A special program that is run in the Gr. Toledo Association is called “Pass the Bucket”. The participating centers go through the leagues for donations and pass out “Free Game” tickets to the donors. Timbers has led the field in donations for many years through Howard’s efforts, even though Timbers is not one of the largest centers.

He has served as the Gr. Toledo Youth Association President as well as serving on the Ohio State Youth Board. Currently he is serving on the Gr. Toledo USBC Youth Committee and is one of the Youth Committee members elected to serve on the Gr. Toledo USBC Association Board of Directors.

Howard is a member of the Greater Toledo USBC Association Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. Tonight we welcome Howard Teifke as an outstanding Pioneer in the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

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